Our Objective

Gentlemen Of The Road and our tour partners are committed to implementing a comprehensive backstage greening program. Find out more about what we’re doing and our environmental commitments.


Back of house

Our partners at Reverb and our Delta tour crew are actively overseeing a comprehensive greening program backstage that includes reducing single use plastic, using reusable cups and hydration stations, recycling and composting, repurposing products & materials, reducing and tracking CO2 emissions, and sourcing food locally. We know we have only scratched the surface with our efforts and continue to improve wherever possible.


Front of house

To help limit single use plastic purchases for drinks in the venues we play, we have been working with Reverb and their Rock n’ Refill programme to create eco villages at the shows. Here you can buy a custom Nalgene bottle and gain access to water stations on site. To learn more visit - reverb.org.

We have also continued our partnership with r.Cup to activate their reusable cup program in select venues where fans rent a cup when they buy their first beverage. They use the same cup throughout the show, and fans can either return it for a full refund, or take it home. If they take it home, the Gentlemen of the Road Fund will receive profit from the cups to support our charity partners. To learn more visit - rcup.com.


Our Environmental Commitments

Our Friends

We would like to thank our partners who are working tirelessly to help us make the Delta Tour more sustainable.