Gentlemen of the Road will remain committed to supporting urgent needs. In the past this pool of funding has supported tornado relief, flooding and other important calls to action in the places where we have played.


Grenfell United

Two years after the Grenfell Tower disaster, the Gentlemen Of The Road Fund supported @GrenfellUnited, the survivors and bereaved families in sending a powerful message to the government to demand change, by including projection mappings of calls to actions on high rise tower blocks safe across the UK, and across the Parliament building. To learn more, visit Grenfell United - grenfellunited.org.uk.



In Malawi, the attacks and killings of people with albinism has increased in the last few months. Our dear friend and artist Lazarus has been sharing his message, story and music with the world and with that, it has made him a target. We are proud to support the campaign to raise money for building a safe house for Lazarus and his family. To learn more about this exceptional human, you can read more here - lazarus-malawi.com.


LAZARUS Documentary

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