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Gentlemen of the Road, through its business endeavours and the Gentlemen of the Road Fund will be giving time, money and energy to the causes that our community is close to. We love making music and sharing it with the world and we are lucky that this has allowed us to play a small part in leaving the world in better condition than we found it.

Every album cycle, GOTR’s Impact work will support global charities, local programs and urgent needs in the places where we play, and will always do what we can to play our part in protecting the planet.

In the past we have done this pretty quietly, but we have a great opportunity to point our friends in the direction of people and causes that are close to our heart. Together, we will make a much bigger impact.

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The Gentlemen of the Road Fund

The Gentlemen of the Road Fund was founded in 2006 by the members of Mumford & Sons and their manager, Adam Tudhope. The Fund has and will continue to donate monies to charities fighting for social justice and common good around the world, and will support the efforts of non-profit organisations doing commendable work on a global, local and urgent scale.

Information around proposals for funding are to be shared in the coming months.

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​Deering Banjo Charities

We are proud to be working with Deering Banjos again this album cycle to auction off a series of customised banjos. All money raised will go to support a local charity that our community chooses together, you can find our more about each charity below.

Organisation: Enable Ireland

Every year, they provide services to 7,500 children and adults with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities in 14 counties across Ireland. Covering childhood to adulthood, their expert teams work with the individual and their family on a plan for each life stage.

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Organisation: Kindred

Kindred provides practical information, advocacy, emotional support and guidance to parents whose children have serious, complex or terminal conditions. In the last year, they have done this for over 880 families across Scotland. They support families to:

• come to terms with their child’s diagnosis and the implications for the future
• understand their child’s limitations, the pain they experience and their challenging behaviour
• learn new skills to support a disabled child at home
• apply for disability benefits, equipment or home adaptation which will ease the situation for both parents and children
• find the right school and learning support
• cope with bereavement

Kindred do all this from a place of personal knowledge and experience, with 50% of their Board and over 80% of their staff team made up of parents of children with disabilities.

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Organisation: Sands

Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity who operate throughout the UK, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.

About Sands

Organisation: Community Music Wales

Community Music Wales is Wales leading music charity with 25 years of experience. Their fundamental aim is to contribute to the empowerment of disadvantaged groups and individuals through enabling them to participate in creativity and learning, initially and primarily through music making. They develop participatory music workshops, mentoring schemes and community music training across Wales. They work strategically to identify need, delivering projects to give people the opportunity to write, play, record or perform their own music, using trained and experienced community arts practitioners. They believe strongly in working in partnership.

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Organisation: Boston Cares

Boston Cares was founded in 1991 by seven young adults who were determined to find a way to make community service a part of their busy lives. They worked to find non-profits that could utilise volunteers on a flexible basis, with the goal of creating a calendar of volunteer opportunities to send out to their friends. Starting with a calendar of three service projects, Boston Cares was launched.

Today, their year-round programs & seasonal service events engage 11,000 adults, children, teens & corporate partners who annually serve 70,000+ hours at almost 200schools and nonprofits primarily in Greater Boston and eastern MA communities. Their volunteer impact areas include hunger relief and basic needs; adult education and ESOL tutoring; and youth success. Boston Cares’ Bed Project volunteers have built 1,500+ beds for kids who don’t have one of their own.

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Organisation: Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission

Serves the homeless through two locations in Philadelphia: a meal service program serving three meals a day to anyone in need and men’s shelter in Center City and a transitional home for women in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. The Center City shelter also houses a long-term recovery program for men. The Mission does not receive government funding and relies on the generous contributions of caring individuals, families, churches and businesses. Donations are supplemented with income from two thrift stores. Founded in 1878, they have reached out to the homeless in Philadelphia for more than 130 years.

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Organisation: Teaching Matters

Teaching Matter’s mission is to develop and retain great teachers, and measurably increase their ability to give students in urban public schools an excellent education. Teaching Matters is dedicated to increasing teacher effectiveness, one of the most critical factors in student success. Their services transform how educators work together at urban public schools, helping the most effective teachers develop the skills they need to lead their peers and drive school-wide improvement. Over the course of two decades, they have partnered with more than half of New York City’s 1,750-plus public schools. In one year, they provide in-depth programming to approximately 1,300 teachers reaching 31,500 students in over 90 schools—the majority in underserved areas.

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Organisation: DC Central Kitchen

DC Central Kitchen is a nationally recognized “community kitchen” that recycles food from around Washington DC and uses it as a tool to train unemployed adults to develop work skills while providing thousands of meals for local service agencies in the process. DC Central Kitchen’s mission is to use food as a tool to strengthen bodies, empower minds, and build communities.They they do this by training jobless adults for culinary careers and then hiring dozens of their own graduates to prepare the 3 million meals they provide for homeless shelters, schools, and nonprofits each year. Their work also prevents the waste of millions of pounds of nutritious food.

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Organisation: Covenant House Toronto

As Canada’s largest agency serving at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth, Covenant House Toronto changes lives by providing the widest range of services and support to as many as 300 youth a day. They educate and advocate for change by influencing public policy and delivering prevention and awareness programs. More than a place to stay, they provide 24/7 crisis shelter and transitional housing on-site and in the community, along with comprehensive services, including education, counselling, health care, employment assistance, job training and aftercare. 

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GOTR Football

What we do

War Child UK & Children in Conflict

War Child is a non-governmental organisation founded in the UK in 1993 which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing conflict and the aftermath of conflict.

War Child FC

War Child FC

War Child FC is a football club with an ambitious plan to harness the power of football to improve the lives of children and young people who live in conflict areas.

Deering Banjo

GOTR & Deering Banjos are auctioning off a collaborative Banjo during every leg of the tour. Each Banjo will go to support a charity our community chooses together.

GOTR will remain committed to supporting urgent needs

In the past this pool of funding has supporting tornado relief, flooding and other important calls to action in the places where we have played. We will listen closely to our community and make sure to support urgent needs where we can.