There are an endless number of worthy causes we want to support, but we have made a decision to focus of efforts with a small number of global organisations over a multi year period who we will be forming a true partnership with. The hope is to have sincere and high impact on their work.

Gentlemen of the Road

War Child UK

War Child is a non-governmental organisation founded in the UK in 1993 which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing conflict and the aftermath of conflict.

GOTR Football

War Child FC

War Child FC is a football club with an ambitious plan to harness the power of football to improve the lives of children and young people who live in conflict areas. The GOTR Fund will making a donation to the program every year for three years to support operations and oversight of the program which will be running in the Central African Republic, Gaza & Jordan, with plans to expand into other areas. To learn more, visit warchild.org.uk.