Mumford & Sons

Saturday - 8:10PM

As Pep Guardiola would probably say, keeping possession of the ball is Rules One, Two and Three of football (soccor). As Mumford & Sons would definitely say, Rules One, Two and Three of being a band are: Play Live. The Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers are all about live music. We get to put them on in towns not normally frequented by touring bands in busses or splitter vans. We deliberately look for towns that have something unique, or some vibe of which they are proud, explore them and enjoy what they have to offer and then we try to bring a party without leaving too much of a trail of destruction in our wake. It's a real privilege that being in Mumford & Sons has allowed us to be able to shine a light on these towns, places that sometimes don't get the love they deserve, and to be the facilitators of great musical coming-togethers. We actually get to put on our own shows. Which means that we actually get to ask our favourite bands to come and play a show with us, where we just get to watch our favourite bands play for a day. Six times in one summer too. Badass. But there's another rule that applies to both football and music. Doing the Stopovers means that we get to invite a whole bunch of other people to watch these bands with us. And that, the shared experience, is basically all that live music is about. We're really excited to be doing more Stopovers and we can't wait to see as many of you as possible this summer! M, W, B & T