Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Festivals 2013

6th-7th September 2013 - Guthrie Stopover

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Alabama Shakes

This band is one of the best live bands playing music at the moment. You'll lose control of your limbs, we assure you of that, since we did exactly that when we finally got to see them live during the festive season last year in Europe. It's not even just about Brittany's unbelievable pipes that send shivers down your spine, the band are unbelievable. They groove like motherfunkers, they roar like lionesses, they have a sound that transcends genre and indeed taste - you can't not like them - it's impossible.They're 100% badass, and they're 100% going to blow you away. Round of applause ALREADY please, for the magnificent Alabama Shakes. (applause).

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